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How much would a VOIP Telephone System cost my business?

This is the number one question after, "How does it work" and the pricing is as straight forward as the service.
1) Once you know how many handsets you need, you buy the phones and these cost from £40.
2) You order the numbers of subscriptions you need at £9.95 per month
3) Or chose a subscription and call inclusive bundle at £17 a month
4) You add call recording to any lines you want this on at £2 per month
5) The only other costs are any chargeable calls (and recording storage if you have that option)
That's it
  • No PBX
  • No ISDN lines
  • No maintenance
  • No set up charges
  • No termination fees
  • No "training" fees

And another thing... no excess lines. You control your costs by adding or cancelling subscriptions as and when you need them. The only contract you are in is the current billing month.

With our Call Charges you’ll save in four ways:

  • No connection fee, instantly save on every phone call you make
  • Cheaper talk time, have a look at our 5 minute call comparison
  • Pay in seconds not minutes. 61 seconds is billed as 61 seconds, not 2 minutes.
  • Free calls to other offices / locations using Upstream VoIP
Click here to view call charge price comparisons

Click here to view all International Call rates
At Upstream we know costs are important, that is why we will happily look at one of your current bills and estimate a direct cost comparison. Call or e-mail VoIP Sales on 01288 255155 to ask about this.

At Upstream Support, we’re here to help you every step of the way
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