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Medical Video Conferencing

Telemedicine Solutions by Clinicians For Clinicians

Medical video conferencing is now part of the accepted spectrum of modern medical practice. Although it is a high technology process, it complements the science based approach to medicine by transferring high quality medical imaging whilst maintaining the art of human interaction and clinical judgement, irrespective of the distances involved.

With clinicians directly involved in specifying our solutions, our mission is to share this technological communications revolution with our colleagues in the medical profession at a fraction of the costs currently being charged. This can be achieved by getting a better understanding of your requirements using our experience gained by applying this to our practice combined with the expertise of our technical team.

Introducing VuPointer from Medical Video Conferencing from Medical Video Conferencing

VuPointer, our ground-breaking new educational annotation tool for use in live cases and mentoring of new procedures. Bringing real-time, freeze frame and time-shifted pointing and highlighting tools to a live HD video conference feed, VuPointer is set to revolutionise the use of video in medical education.

Award Winning Medical Video Conferencing from VC Warehouse

In 2011 MVC were awarded the EMEA Innovation award by Radvision
for the VuPointer