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1) VCW will only be bound by this contract/agreement when it has been signed by the Customer and accepted by one of VCW’s authorised representatives or once the Customer has paid the Customer’s first invoice to VCW.

2) DURATION This agreement shall commence on the date phone(s) are commissioned and received by the company and shall continue (subject to the Termination provisions set out below) on a rolling month by month basis.

3) TERMINATION This agreement can be terminated in part or whole by the customer by giving 14 days’ notice to VCW at any time. The customer is liable for any charges up to and including the last day of the month in which the contract is terminated. Termination date will be determined to be the 14 th day after notice is given.

4) CHANGE OF DETAILS To comply with ITSPE all phones must be registered in the place of use and the customer must immediately give VCW written notice of any changes to these details.

Additionally the customer should give VCW any changes for billing, payment and communications in a timely manner.


The customer agrees to indemnify VCW against all liabilities, claims, damages, losses, expenses and proceedings arising from or in any way connected with any breach of this Agreement by the Customer. This condition will survive termination of this Agreement.


- VCW will use all reasonable endeavours to supply your Service within the indicated time frames at order placement. We cannot however guarantee the install date as we and all other providers in the UK rely on third party’s to provide constituent parts of the Service. Any changes in the installation date will be provided to the customer at the earliest possible occasion.

- VCW shall use all reasonable endeavours to provide the Services to the customer. VCW cannot be held responsible for broadband faults or for faults on any equipment not supplied by VCW.

- It is technically impracticable to provide the Services free of faults and VCW does not undertake to do so although VCW shall use reasonable endeavours to provide reliable Services.

- VCW may for statutory, regulatory or technical requirements change any codes or the Telephone Number(s) allocated to the Customer provided it shall give as much notice as is reasonably practicable.

- VCW may suspend the provision of the service:

- If the Customer fails to comply with any of these terms and conditions.

- If the Customer fails to pay any sum due to VCW by the due date (under this Agreement or otherwise) or a direct debit instruction is cancelled or refused.

- If the Customer exceeds any monthly financial limit imposed by VCW

- If VCW or the Network Operator or the Service Provider suspects that the Services are being used illegally.

- If VCW cannot make contact with the customer through the address or telephone number provided.

- For the maintenance or repair of the Network.

7) The Customer should not advertise or print any numbers/service(s) until connected, tested and confirmed as live by VCW. Should the Customer advertise without this confirmation VCW is not liable for any loss commercially.

8) VCW may transfer all its rights and obligations under this Agreement.


- The customer shall pay to VCW the charges, plus VAT by direct debit

- VCW shall be entitled to suspend any part of or all of the services without notice in the event that any payments are not made by the Customer to VCW within 28 days of invoice date. Suspension will not affect your obligation to pay for the service during the period of suspension or thereafter.

- If a customer wishes to dispute any charges on the invoice such dispute must be notified in writing to VCW within 14 days of the date of the invoice, failing which the customer shall be deemed to have accepted the charges.

- VCW reserves the right to charge £30 for each Direct Debit payment that fails to process automatically, VCW accepts no responsibility for charges incurred as a result of inaccurate information given by the customer in relation bank and account details.

- The cost of the services is determined by the telecommunications system operator and not VCW and any change in rate will be given with 1 calendar months’ notice.


Upstream Unlimited Call package is designed for general office use, must be applied across all phones per location and is subject to VCW Fair Usage policy of 2000 landline and mobile minutes per month per extension on average. VCW view a reasonable breakdown of this to be 75% landline and 25% mobile. If, in the reasonable opinion of VCW, your use is excessive, we reserve the right to charge you for the excessive element of your usage at your price plan's standard rate.


- This Agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the Agreement between VCW and the customer. It supersedes all understandings or prior arrangements whether oral or written, and all representations or other communications between the Customer and VCW.

- All usage charges will be calculated by data supplied by the telecommunications system operator and not by any data supplied by the Customer.


-If on entering this agreement you transfer a service from another service provider to VCW you will be responsible for any charges imposed by the other provider including any cancellation charges or fees which continue to be due to that other provider for the remainder of any contract you have with that other provider.

- In most circumstances you can transfer your service to another provider (subject to the terms of this agreement regarding termination and / or the initial/current term); this may not be seamless and could in certain circumstances require that your current service ceases prior to your new service going live.

- If issues arise with your new provider over delays to the transfer date, VCW will, as far as possible, keep you service active until required. It is important that the customer liaises fully with VCW in this case. Any charges will be in line with the existing contract.

- You may be charged for transferring your service to another service provider by VCW and also by the other provider. This cost of transfer depends on the type of service.


- VCW agrees to process any personal data collected from the Customer in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


“Agreement” means the legally binding agreement/contract between the Customer and VC Warehouse Ltd made up from the Customer Agreement Form, these terms and conditions and supplement conditions.

“Customer” means the person, firm or corporation specified in the Customer Agreement Form.

“Customer Agreement Form ” means the form specifying the service(s) to be provided to the Customer by VC Warehouse Ltd.

“Call Costs” means the cost of calling out on the Customers telephone(s)

“Charges” include the phone purchase(s), any porting charges, subscription(s), and call


“Network” means the public telecommunications system run by the Network Operator and used by VC Warehouse Ltd to provide the services.

“Network Operator” means the carrier running/maintaining the network.

“VCW” means VC Warehouse Ltd

“Service Provider” means any third party used by VCW to provide the service(s) but excluding a Network Operator.

“Services” means telecommunications services supplied by VC Warehouse Ltd

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