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Fed up with being tied into phone system contracts?
Last Updated: 03/11/2015

Long term contracts might have been the norm in the old days, when you were effectively leasing an expensive lump of hardware that needed a team of maintenance engineers to keep it running and another team to implement simple changes to your system. Nowadays there is no excuse for tying you to a 2 year contract just to get a slightly lower-cost call-plan.

On a daily basis we are scheduling call backs to potential users of Upstream, our Hosted VoIP Service for some date in the future, maybe as far away as 5 years, when their current telephony contract expires. Obviously this is creating a lovely future pipeline of sales for us, but in the meantime those companies are being denied all theadvantages of what Hosted VoIP can offer.

We have had some customers, maybe with a shorter time left, that have done the maths. They weighed up the cost of exiting their contract versus the future cost savings, looked at what a difference could be made to their business by using the additional features offered by Upstream Hosted VoIP, and have bitten the bullet and gone ahead anyway. Others either can’t yet justify terminating 2-3 years ahead and feel stuck, or they have recently committed themselves to an inadequate upgraded phone system because they didn’t do the research and look at what else is on offer.

You will, therefore, be pleased to learn that at Upstream we don’t believe in long term contracts, you are only tied to the current month. We don’t believe in call bundles, we believe in low call costs and only paying for what you use, not hundreds of minutes you might never use. We will also not make it difficult for you to migrate your system away from us. The only hardware we provide is handsets which are not proprietary so can be used with other VoIP services. We will not make it difficult to unlock your phones or move your number with you.

We don’t think you will be in any hurry to leave us. We are happy that our combination of ultra-reliability, low cost and high functionality will keep you happy, but we won’t make you stay if you need to go.

This feels a bit like a crusade…

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