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What will happen when BT switches off the ISDN network?
Last Updated: 09/09/2015

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What will happen when BT switches off the ISDN network?

BT plan to migrate all 3.2 million of their customers onto their IP based solution by then.

This is a great opportunity for businesses to have a look around and see what alternatives there are to BT and really consider a hosted VoIP solution.

Benefits of hosted VoIP:

  • Telephony costs are much lower
  • Your phone number isn’t tied to geographically so when if you move offices your phones move with you, no down time and no costs.
  • It is scalable simply add more users as you need them.
  • VoIP factors in proper disater recovery as opposed to ISDN which can only be forwarded to a single number

You don't even need high speed internet - voice needs a solid internet connection but it doesn’t need to be fast. An upload speed of just 1 MB will handle 10 HD concurrent calls.

Upstream hosted VoIP provides corporate switchboard facilities as standard through an easy-to-use web portal. Businesses range from a 2000 user single site, through multiple site organisations down to small offices. Cost wise it is priced on a user per month basis and call charges are a fraction of regular phone lines.

10 years might sound like a long time to move over but I blinked and realised I was 40 – could have sworn I was 30!

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