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Opex not Capex
Last Updated: 09/09/2015
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Use operating not capital expenditure to replace your phone systems.

If your telephone system is starting to creak with age, has become obsolete and needs to be replaced with something that actually does what you want it to do, you could be considering a significant expenditure.

With a cloud based telephone system you can get corporate switchboard facilities, can half your phones bills and can see a 6 months ROI with some systems. If you opt for a solution that does not tie you into a contract, the system will be fully scalable as your business needs change.

Many companies are using outdated systems to avoid the capital expenditure and at the same time leaving their businesses vulnerable to system failure.

Hosted, cloud systems are automatically upgraded and never become obsolete; additionally some phone manufacturers are now offering lifetime guarantees on their telephones.

As internet services are improving and businesses are moving their IT into the cloud, the take up of hosted telephone systems is growing alongside it. It is estimated that there will be 3 million users in the UK by the end of 2016 and the trend is set to continue as companies move over from using Capex to Opex.

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